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August 25, 2010


i cannot tell you how appreciative i am that you were part of newstrust when i began to review and eventually post, stories. my interest in being part of newstrust when asked if i was interested was based upon a deep disappointment in and concern over news i listened to or read, basically in msn outlets. at that time i didn't ever obtain news on-line, although i have a broad, eclectic interest in all types of information...news. but... i had little confidence in what i was doing in reviews or ratings, or how i 'should' do it. i felt encouragement from you however, therefore i stuck with it, and, i believe, gradually improved in reading and hearing the news for the qualities that matter to all of us in a democracy.
i thank you very much and will miss your voice at newstrust; in your new endeavor i wish you the same challenges and successes you've had here.

Kaizar, you've been a great role model and an amazing editor. Thanks so much for sharing your talents and insights. I've really enjoyed getting to know you as we've worked together, and it's an honor to be following in your footsteps.

Have a great time (and learn a lot) in your next phase, and don't be a stranger!

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