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July 19, 2010


Life in America

I was watching one of your members in headline prime with Glenn Beck on CNN. On or about two week's ago; and, Isaw you guys making all these comments about the subject (immigration) and Mexicans, putting the entire blame on llegal immigrants from there, WELL I THINK YOU ARE WRONG, DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY EUROPEAN ANGLO AND CAUCUS INCLUDING CRIMINALS ARE HERE ILLEGALLY? ASIANS, chinese, central and south americans and others! there are millions!!! and they just keep coming includind mexicans but this law is not a mexican issue only. It applies to all the illegals and some stupid mexicans take the blame for it. Now, have you asked yourself about how lame and good for nothing are most Americans to do basic labor work, and how messy and negligent and lazy to do the basic jobs that Mexicans do for them because they can't do it for their own self’s. Either because they have a superiority complex or it just runs in theirAnglo or Caucasian blood. I mean I excuse the THE BLACKS because they claim that they already did all the work they had coming for them and more and, because the bad whites abused them for too long. What is the excuse for not working and why do you refuse todo the work that Mexicans do for you. I mean what is so wrong with picking oranges or lettuce, mapping floors, etc. if you are too special to not do these jobs, stop complaining why there is too many people here wanting to take your jobs. Go ahead and start hiring whites or blacks to do these jobs to see what happens. Right? Additionally the (ORIENTALS) are the main immigration problem here in the states and America. There are about 1.7 billion of Chinese alone not including the other Orientals of the Pacific Rim. And if you didn’t know, that is the fastest growing population in the US and America. They just keep coming, it is invasion time and you guys are just opening your legs to them. so, obviously they are also taking your jobs, your man or women and of course your houses too, but you are so stupid being busy blaming the poor illiterate people of Mexico that come to fill the gaps. Come on wake up and smell the coffee man. But believe me I don't hate or blame the white race for all of our problems in fact, I give them credit for still having control but, some Mexicans do, Criminals for example. , Chinese, blacks etc. but I do not generalize, there are exceptions of course there is a lot of good people. I’d say the majority is. Anyway when I am in Mexico we, the Mexicans don’t give a crap about how you see the world because we have our own way of seeing It., in other words it is a very big planet and it just doesn't belong to you. the world does not go around the US only. And you call this place America and you are right and that is because you are the immigrants. And we call it the U.S. as you should. WE have been here since the beginning and some of you are newcomers or second generation like most of you racist anti immigrant organizations that feel that this country belongs to you only. the minuteman the organization of Hitler, kuku remnants of the Nazi Germany who fled to Italy, Argentina and the US. An evil and oppressed almost extinct race that are coming back using the beautiful US banner as if it was theirs, and using all these poor illiterate white, black Chinese and even Mexican people to believe in your stupidity, promoting hate. But we the real Americans are not going to allow that! You are going down and back to that same hole where you were, because that’s where you belong: in hiding! Now I admit we the Mexicans have some issues between us that need to be corrected and addressed. . Just to mention one. We the- non- white need to stop talking (shit) like blaming the white people for everything like the Blacks do or the minuteman just blaming the illegal immigrants. Because there is a lot of good white American people out there who have nothing to do with you. And are against you. Just as there are a lot of us who do not like what some Mexicans do. just because we have a lot of thrashy mexicans doesn`t mean that all mexicans are the same, or that al americans are the same. We all need to make changes here and in Mexico. We have to love Mexico because we are neighbors. I suggest that we can start, by, providing all these stupid Mexicans here who can’t speak Spanish some classes so they can be smarter and liked by their countryman. And likewise with the immigrants who can not speak English or don’t want to. or vice versa. We also have to give them some basic immigration law classes because most of them are ignorant about our US-MEXICO Immigration laws. Just because this country gave them a crossing card, visa, green card or naturalization doesn’t mean that they are Americans. They are still Mexicans according with our Constitution. Unless they have really mastered the English language along with a face change like, Michael Jackson. They will truly be Americans when they begin to participate in the change of attitude towards their own co-nationals by participating in ways to change our governments here and in Mexico. Working hard in making this next immigration reform a success and not a failure for example. That’s one way we can start loving each other and have some togetherness. Because, there is a lot of separation and hate between ourselves, but is mostly ignorance. not only here in the U.S. but at home too. Is a country politically divided 50/50 just like the U.S. is? Mexicans talk shit all the time about their paisanos (countryman) from the south and vice versa: ( Chicanos, chilangos,fronterizos, nortenos, surenos, Indian, Spaniard, mestizos rich, poor, priistas, panistas, perredistas, and that is absolutely wrong and has to stop we are brothers and is a great time to come together. We need a reform not only in our government but within ourselves. We need to love one another and unite to reform the mexican government to request for changes in mexico apply our rights in mexico so that you can get out of the US and comeback where you truly belong your country. it is embarrassing to see all of these people asking a different country for rights, write letters to your government leaders, start demostrations, vote, start a revolution but in your country to change it. Now what about the central and South American, Puerto rico, Cuban, Hispanic from Spain. (Brothers) they are part of America too, and have similar differences and problems as (the Mexicans) WE have a lot of that garbage that we need to clean up. So before we can start changing others houses we have to begin with ours. And that applies to you too. (The US-Americans). You have to educate yourselves too. because is not only the illiterate Americans or Mexicans, or the poor who need some schooling but the ugly rich Mexicans & Americans who are so stupid, ignorant and illiterate about their surroundings; but from all other countries as well who have also invaded the U.S. because It’s safe heaven for them, for the protection that this country provides to rich people, therefore they get all these goodies for themselves and are welcome in our society because of their money even though most of them are and will always be second class citizens not matter how much money they get to spend here. And they also need some classes of patriotism, immigration, civics, biblical, American history, English, Spanish and of course Love to your mother Country. (Mexican Traitors). And not to mention their attitude against the poor and the indigenous peoples, blacks, and poor whites.
And what about your problems within yourselves if you are Irish, black, Chinese, European or any other? Does it ring your bell? Now I love the real American people the ones that made this country great that worked very hard and were righteous and deserved what they worked for. Including us of course. We are part of this mess too whether we like it or not, we even have some Mexicans dying stupidly in Iraq as we speak, so, that is just another issue isn’t. Anyway man got to go, but no hard feelings ok? Let’s keep working to solve our neighborly problems it is still a long way ahead of us.

It will continue…

Victor salas
A Mexican national from Durango [email protected]

I voted fore obama & was on TV doing it. But I would NEVER vote fore him again because he dose not want the new law Arizona is trying to but throue.I Thing every state should make a law just like it.

We have an interesting debate going on the immigration issue at:


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