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June 04, 2010


The most important thing the US can do immediately to save oil, energy, green space and greenhouse emissions is to
actually operate public transit wherever it already exists.
Transportation uses 70% of US oil usage and most of that is for cars and trucks. Yet over 150 cities and communities are CUTTING public transit, hiking fares when it is most needed.
In major Metropolitan areas like New York, New Jersey (more people per square mile than China), Washington, DC, Baltimore,
Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston public transit trains and buses are seen as primarily serving work commuters.
Weekend and off-peak service is minimal, connections are lacking in suburban areas even to Corporate Offices such as shuttle vans as well as safe bikeways or even sidewalks.
Where train service already exists it needs to be increased in frequency and move to a local/express model.
Shuttles can be provided from many existing train stations to malls, Corporate offices and other key destinations.
In 2008 driving plummeted by double digits while transit ridership increased by a whopping 17% without ANY increase in transit service. The sole reason was that gas prices hit $4 per gallon. By simply increasing the Federal gas tax
to $1 per gallon, possibly in phases and giving back part of that money in tax cuts and the other part to public transit only for increased operations and service we could cut US gas consumption by 20% in 1 year.

Geothermal energy is making a strong push as the next solution for heating and cooling residential and commercial properties.

While they might cost a little more than the standard older systems, the savings in the long run more than pay for the system.

As well there are many government rebates available to help offset that initial cost and get you into saving money fast.

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