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August 26, 2009


I could care less about who the people of Afghanistan elect. They are a sovereign nation and it should be their decision as to whom they want elected to run their country. The signatories to the UN Charter agreed to respect sovereign nations! What happened??

I believe it is best for US Troops to voluntarily get out of Afghanistan soonest. The Afghan people always say the foreign troops in their country may have watches but Afghans have got time.
It's sad we don't know what our goal is or even our exit strategy. Do we have to wait for more of our wonderful troops to loose arms, legs, brain damages etc., in addition to the downhill spiraling of our economy?

I suggest those politicians in Washington who want our troops to stay in Afghan dawn on a uniform and lead the troops! Let's see how long that would take them to change their mind.

The majority of Afghans want the foreign troops out of their country. They can do their own construction just provide sufficient funds so they can take care of themselves.

As intelligent is our President, and he is still desiring to send troops to Afghanistan just amazes me. I guess the politicians in Washington DC prefer to continue sending troops into Afghanistan while pocketing money into their own pockets through contracts!

It is high time USA must withdraw troops from Afghanisthan. People of Afghanistan have suffered lot and they need proper help of Food,Shelter,Books,Medicine. USA's financial crisis has caused much damage to their own country. Children are not getting employment,educationb,healthcare,millions are suffering.Why go for war.Stop illegal war ,bring peace and prosperity.

torture stimulates blood circulation for less pooling when more cells are killed which hurts, motivation subliminal, called hyperactivity or adult obsess-compulse. evil is brain pain of pollution, aging. heal by environs cleaning [brains cope better as less stressed], so prevent smell/swallow/skin chemical absorptions. as nutrients source & produce smart/happy/strong/fast,..., after defence, eat more real food by biochemical taxonomy, green-cabbage, spinach, celery separate & raw on heritage. [one arm won't type, & i find no help w/verbal]

As Afghanistan prepared for this highly anticipated election last week, former Afghan foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah emerged as a legitimate threat to incumbent President Hamid Karzai – who has fallen out of favor with many Afghans, as well as Western leaders — and news media portrayed a run-off election as plausible. http://www.Start-an-Internet-business.net

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