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June 06, 2008


This exercise is removing the last bit of credibility from NewsTrust. Aligning it with far-left organizations has compromised the reputation of the organization, which already was declining through multiple conflicts of interest (e.g., authors rating their own pieces, or editors rating pieces they published, or officers of NewsTrust submitting pieces from their own web sites).

Recruiting lots of Democratic Party enthusiasts, as has just been done, makes the resulting ratings meaningless. Every article that criticizes John McCain is getting great ratings, regardless of the journalistic merits, just because most of the raters are Democrats. So the end result is that nobody is paying attention to the ratings on NewsTrust.

There are numerous bullet-voters now who do not analyze the journalism, but often make no comment at all, just a high rating, or at most make a comment about whether they agree with the opinions, rather than about the good and bad points of the piece under review.

Almost all of the stories up for review are from sources that objective professional studies (e.g., Harvard, Pew, UCLA-Missouri, Chicago) have determined are slanted to the Democrats, some extremely strongly slanted. There are almost no pieces from neutral or Republican-leaning sources.

Surely there must be some articles favorable to Senator McCain, some articles that do not parrot Senator Obama's comments on guns and religion. Why are they not here? If only articles attacking McCain are on NewsTrust nobody will pay attention to NewsTrust.

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To give more nuanced reviews, try to look at what the article does best (e.g.: fairness, context) and give more stars for those journalistic qualities; then look at what it does a little less well and give less stars for those and so forth.

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