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June 04, 2008


Thank you for the opportunity to review articles. In the past I have viewed Newtrust on a regular basis. There is so much to read out there my brain could explode.

Scoping in on these McCain articles I've learned maybe to much about this guy.

One article lead me to comments in a blog about McCain graduating 4th from the bottom of his class of almost 500. It might not be true but it would be a good rumor to get legs. Only kidding.

Not having checked the facts I can't say that it is true. It does shed some light on all his stumbling. I thought was just his mind.

I am glad to see a push to enlist help on other topics. There are many things I could see raising the interest level about.

What this did for me; I started reading stories and posts with an eye to the criteria of good journalism.

It has really raised my awareness getting involved and becoming more informed. I thought I couldn't get more informed.

Is this addictable?

Beth constructively that was a great article.

I believe it covered everything and it was very beneficial to new reviewers. Kudo's

Beth constructively that was a great article.

I believe it covered everything and it was very beneficial to new reviewers. Kudo's

It's been very exciting to be part of something so important. This goes beyond the Web 2.0 experience because most participants are not performing anonymously but quite the opposite. Certainly I mean no disrespect to anyone that has chosen to operate with a a pseudonym as I do in my own Blog, since it doesn't degrade the contributed work product at all. It is though exciting to be communicating in the open and it inspires a courtesy and decorum, even if challenged. It appears the good ole' days are yet to come.

The task of reviewing stories calls on the polar opposite of my own commentary - that is not journalism, just my opinion and writing. Here though, the product needs to be examined for form, style and the documentation that is offered to the support the rational of the article's viewpoint. I find the tune-up in objectivity causing my knees and my ego to relax - a net benefit I hadn't considered when I jumped to help.

While I don't have as much free time as would like - I'm committed to putting this time to good use and I'm at your service. Very nice to on this team.


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