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January 29, 2008


What do think about journalism?

The vast majority of self declared journalists
really are just photo-copiers.

Singing the same song!

There is a solution to climate change, and yet no one will cover the issue?

Human excrement + Nuclear waste = Hydrogen

Dennis Baker

Wednesday, March 27 1996
The radiolitic decomposition of organic materials generates hydrogen gas.
Hydrogen gas is a very useful energy course; burns clean with water as the emission by- product. Humans generate a phenomenal amount of organic waste. The United Nations is very concerned about oceanic contamination by organic waste. Human organic waste could be treated to prevent methane generation, then exposed to nuclear waste to generate hydrogen gas. The potential solving of three issues with one action.


A free service from Nuclear Waste News | January 14, 2008

First Plasma-Waste Treatment Facility Slated for Romania
An Israeli company has announced plans to build Romania's first plasma-waste treatment facility.

Under a $30 million, 25-year build/operate/transfer (BOT) contract, Environmental Energy Resources (EER) will build a plant that uses plasma gasification melting technology. The system — developed by Israeli and Russian scientists at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology — sorts municipal and solid waste in a reactor, where metal particles are separated by magnets, with the remaining waste broken down by high heat.

That organic material is converted into gases, and the remaining waste becomes black gravel suitable for use in infrastructure projects. EER said the system also can break down medical and radioactive waste, thereby providing a waste treatment solution for nuclear power stations.

EER's shareholders include Urdan Industries Ltd. (TASE: URDN), Shrem Fudim Technologies Ltd. (TASE:SFKT), Makoto Takahashi's Tokyo Financial Group, the Canada-Israel Opportunity Fund, Leon Recanati and Shlomo Nehama.

because I think what you are doing is very essential for the survival of the planet, and anybody who is hindering that needs to be pushed aside.

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