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Local News Hunt on New York City

Nyc_column_small_180x115How are the news media covering the local impact of the recession?

To find out, join our first Local News Hunt on New York City.
(Update: see full results in our next blog post)

This week, NewsTrust is turning its spotlight on the Big Apple and its news media: we are looking for good (and bad) journalism on how the recession is affecting people in New York City.

Our partners for this pilot are the Huffington Post's NYC Portal, its Eyes and Ears team, as well as the New York City magazine City Limits, -- and NewsTrust members like you. From March 29th to April 4th, 2010, we will join forces to rate news media coverage of local economic issues ranging from unemployment to government cutbacks. The following week, we'll feature some of the best and worst coverage we found together, here on the NewsTrust blog.

Joining the News Hunt is easy and fun -- and you can contribute in just minutes, by reviewing stories on our New York City page. You can also post related stories we might have missed on this topic (be sure to type "New York City" in the topic field).

As you review these stories, you will learn more about important local issues, and you will become more aware of the quality of the news you consume. This unique experiment, funded by Omidyar Network , invites citizens and journalists to help survey how different news sources are covering one of the most dynamic cities in America: New York City.

News Hunt Schedule
Here's a day-by-day schedule for this week:

  • Monday: Major Dailies/Wires
  • Tuesday: Magazines/Independents
  • Wednesday: TV/Radio
  • Thursday: Online/Blogs
  • Friday: Hyperlocal/Boroughs
  • Saturday: Bad Journalism

UPDATES: Each day this week, we have updated this blog post with more stories for review, to survey a wide range of news sources covering NYC.

Monday: Major Dailies/Wires

Tuesday: Magazines/Independents

Wednesday: TV/Radio

Thursday: Blogs/Online

Friday: Hyperlocal/Boroughs

Saturday: Bad Journalism
One of our goals for this news hunt is to identify 'bad journalism' -- stories that are particularly superficial, biased or irresponsible. Are the stories below good or bad journalism?

Join the News Hunt
Help find the best (and worst) in local journalism, and learn about how the recession has affected one of America's most dynamic cities.

To participate in this project, sign up (or login) and review any story our New York City page. Anyone can participate in this collective news evaluation -- even if you don't live in New York.

And if you come across good stories we're missing on this topic, please post them on our site (be sure to tag them "New York City" under Topics, so they will be listed in our News Hunt page).

Please join us for this fascinating experiment, along with our co-hosts Kristin Gorski, Jon Mitchell and Beth Wellington -- and other NewsTrust members like you.

Happy Hunting!

-- by Kaizar Campwala and Fabrice Florin

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I think connecting to New York Community Media Alliance's Voices That Must Be Heard, an award-winning weekly publication that culls articles from NYC's ethnic and community media, will add richness to the hyper-local project on the impact of the recession here.

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