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Introducing MyNews - Your personal news filter


Today, we're happy to announce an exciting new service from NewsTrust:
MyNews, your personal news filter.

About MyNews
MyNews gathers the news you care about, all in one place. This free service finds stories on topics that matter to you, from sources and people you trust – including news recommendations from your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

It only takes a minute to set up your own MyNews page. Your page is then updated continuously with stories that match your interests. You can easily personalize your page with a full set of filtering tools -- and get it delivered to you by email or RSS.

Give it a try. It's a great way to keep up with the news, and surface quality journalism that matters to you and people you trust.

Try out MyNews
Here's how you can check out MyNews for yourself:

• If you do not yet have a NewsTrust account:
Simply fill our quick signup form on the MyNews welcome page. This will create your special MyNews page -- and make you a member of NewsTrust, our social news network.

• If you already have a NewsTrust account:
Go directly to your own MyNews page, which we just created for you. (you'll need to login first)

Set up MyNews
Getting started with MyNews is easy as pie. Just click on your favorite topics, trusted sources and people you want to follow, in the right column of your MyNews page. You can pick your favorites from our menus -- or type them in by name. Each time you add a new interest, your page will update with new stories that match your selections.

MyNews can also track news links from your own Facebook and Twitter feeds, and follow recommendations from friends in your social networks. The result is a high-quality news feed that is more relevant to you. MyNews filters this collective intelligence with cool personalization tools and NewsTrust ratings, to help you find good journalism online -- and tell it apart from misinformation.

For help tips, check our MyNews FAQ. If you have any questions or comments, email us. We will publish more MyNews tips in our next blog post.

We created MyNews to encourage more people to use NewsTrust as their news filter. We hope that you will find it useful too. If you like this new service, please tell your friends -- and consider a donation to our nonprofit social news network.


Thanks to our Team
Many thanks to our wonderful team, for their amazing work in building MyNews: David Fox, Subramanya Sastry, Caleb Waldorf and Kaizar Campwala created a great new application of the NewsTrust platform in just three months. Many thanks as well to Adam Florin, David Cohn, Derek Hawkins, Ezra Fox, Jonathan Berger and Polly Barden for their invaluable contributions to the design and development of the MyNews service. Thank you all for your creativity, your friendship and your dedication to our cause!

Thanks to our Community
MyNews was designed with the help of our community, through a variety of surveys, emails and phone conferences over the past two years. We're very grateful to all our members, advisors, partners and friends who took the time to propose new ideas, check our early designs, test our site and share their invaluable feedback.

Thanks to our Funders
Last but not least, we're very grateful to our backers at Omidyar Network and the MacArthur Foundation for their wonderful support of this project. MyNews explores new ways for citizens to inform and engage each other on public issues, which is an important goal we share with our funding partners. We have high hopes for this experiment.

Please share your comments and suggestions about MyNews at the bottom of this page - or email us. What do you like most? what do you like least? how can we improve this new service?

Thanks again to everyone for making this collective accomplishment possible. NewsTrust is a living example of how people can collaborate through social networks to find the quality news we all need to make informed decisions as citizens.


Fabrice Florin
Executive Director, NewsTrust


LAUNCH UPDATE 1 (3/18/10)

We're getting a wonderful response to Tuesday's launch of MyNews. So far, over 500 members have tried MyNews, and are following over 7,000 topics, sources, members or feeds on their personal pages. Our pageviews have doubled since last week, and many more folks are reviewing on the site. This is all very exciting! 

Thanks to all of you who have tried out MyNews and given us your great comments and suggestions. Please send more feedback if you can! We'll send our a survey next week. 

Try out MyNews
If you haven't checked MyNews yet, give it a try: here's your own MyNews page, which only takes a minute to set up. It's a great way to track news you care about, following your favorite topics, sources, reviewers and feeds. Enjoy! 

Get MyNews by Email
To get the most of MyNews, we recommend you subscribe to the MyNews Daily Email, which comes out every morning at 6am ET and will help you start your day with fresh news that matter to you. 

Check ReadWriteWeb's Review
Yesterday, the influential tech news site ReadWriteWeb published a great review of MyNews: 'Want to Read Good Journalism? Try NewsTrust's New Personalized Filtering Tool.' Check out this inspiring article, and then take MyNews for a spin. 

Welcome New Members
If you're just joining us here on NewsTrust, welcome aboard! If you're new to the site, we urge you to get started by filling in your member profile, and then finding stories that interest you to read and review. As you review more, your member level will increase, making your reviews count even more.




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I'm really looking forward to seeing how MyNews impacts the NewsTrust community. Congratulations, everybody!

Congrats y'all, this is really impressive!

Highly interesting concept.

To get the most of MyNews, we recommend you subscribe to the MyNews Daily Email, which comes out every morning at 6am ET and will help you start your day with fresh news that matter to you.

Sounds brilliant! I will give it a try, be sure:-) Thanks. - S. Kontantkort.

Great additional feature. MyNews gives away the freshest news/links from other social media sites, thus a great tool for some real time syndication..

I really appreciate your post and it was superb .Thanks for sharing.I would like to hear more about this in future.

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