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NewsTrust at the Googleplex

Want to find out more about NewsTrust? Check out this video from our Google Tech Talk. A couple weeks ago, our executive director, Fabrice Florin, gave a presentation to Google employees about NewsTrust. This is a great way to get a full overview of what's going on behind the scenes in our social news network.


This Google Tech Talk was called 'How to Find Good Journalism Online' and took place Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 2:00 pm PT on the Google campus in Mountain View. NewsTrust executive director Fabrice Florin presented an overview of our nonprofit social news site devoted to quality journalism. This 45 minute presentation is followed by a Q&A and discussion of best practices in this new field. (we also held a salon on good journalism, but that is not included in this video)

This presentation shows how NewsTrust aggregates its live feeds of quality news and opinions on a wide range of topics (e.g.: Elections, Environment), based on reviews by experienced journalists and citizen reviewers - with ratings weighted by expertise. We also demonstrate our unique approach to helping people tell good journalism apart from misinformation. Our news literacy service helps people rate the news based on quality, not just popularity - by evaluating fairness, evidence, sourcing, context and other core principles of journalism. The project’s mission is to enable citizens to make more informed decisions. For more information, check out the Powerpoint presentation.

We would like to express our deepest thanks to the Google employees who helped put this event together, in particular David 'Pablo' Cohn, Mike Dixon and Akash Parikh, to name but a few -- as well as and Robert Healy and his team, who put this video together. Many of them are pictured in the group shot below. We're very grateful to them all for their generous support of our cause -- as well as to Google, Inc., who made a generous grant to support NewsTrust with online advertising, to raise awareness for our public service.

(Pictured from left to right: David Fox, Richard Gingras, Andre Rohe, Mike Dixon, Fabrice Florin, David 'Pablo' Cohn, Akash Parikh, Kaizar Campwala and Stephanie Savell - click on photo to enlarge)

Lastly, if you use Google, we encourage you to add our NewsTrust Gadget on Google's personalized page service: iGoogle. It's a great way to get our feeds of top-rated news and opinions on the world's most popular search site. Give it a try -- and add the NewsTrust Gadget to your own iGoogle page.



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