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Featured Topic - The Environment - Join our News Hunt

Our featured topic for this week's news hunt is the Environment, in partnership with the Scientific American magazine and with the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada. Help us find great journalism on issues ranging from global warming to green technology, water pollution and environmental justice. On Earth Day, April 22, we'll announce the results of our collective search on our blog. Please join our news hunt, and review (or submit)  quality news and opinions on the Environment.

The environment is without a doubt one of the greatest challenges ahead, not just for the United States, but for all of mankind. Few subjects have that much importance for our world.

News sources like Scientific American, one of our partners this week, have huge burdens when covering environmental issues. As far as journalism goes - the environment is one of the most difficult subjects to cover, period. A good reporter must be versed in technology, science and economics, just for starters. Yet for all its nuances - the environment is set to become the defining crisis of a generation. There is a serious demand for informative, timely and of course accurate information.

I know first hand how difficult it is to report on the environment, which is why I'm especially pleased that we are also partnering with the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno. This week, thirty of their journalism students will lead the charge, evaluating stories to filter quality information from misinformation. Some students will also be blogging here at NewsTrust. Using NewsTrust as an educational tool will give these students a chance to absorb what they are reading and ask critical questions. They can confront and analyze journalism produced by some of the most respected news sources like Scientific American, Wired, and the Economist. As these students become leaders in the journalism community - we want them to be well versed and aware of the delicate issues involved in environmental reporting.

And then of course - there is our third partner: You! In many ways - your are our most important partner of all.

The environment is not a partisan issue. You'd be hard pressed to find a politician who doesn't agree with the idea that we should keep the environment 'clean and safe.' You'd also be hard pressed to find a reasonable person who doesn't generally agree with that statement. The problem is knowing HOW to reach this objective and at what cost. That is in part where the reporting comes in - but it is also where you play a critical role, using your knowledge and expertise to evaluate the reporting.

Not everyone is a journalist - but everyone is an expert in something. To the extent that the environment touches every aspect of society, your expertise can be used to weigh the importance, fairness, accuracy and other aspects of a news story.

Then of course - there is the final role that you play, not just as a reviewer, but as a human being who is tied to the fate of the planet. We hope that you will take what you learn while reviewing (education is always a two-way street) and put it into action. That's what NewsTrust is about - education that enables positive action.

So, take a deep breath (if you are lucky enough to live in a region of fresh air) and join our news hunt. We have plenty of good news articles, opinion pieces, special reports and more for you to review and rate. There has never been a better week to start being engaged as a NewsTrust reviewer. We will report back what we have found on this collaboration on April 22nd, Earth Day. Enjoy!



This is really great. I am a messenger of the environment so to speak. In my work I find plenty of opportunities to read and write about what we all can do to help save the planet. I work for a company that has a commitment to Green... I have written a few good articles on the topic of things we can do to help. One article can be found at planetbuzzman.wordpress.com entitled Phone Books,Trees and What We Should Do. Please feel free to read it and do your part.

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